Yoga Teacher Training for Beginners

Apar Yoga Academy introduces 200 hour yoga teacher training program significantly designed for Beginners. This 200 hour intensive Teacher Training Program will Propagate into students all the necessary skills to teach yoga which includes regular yoga Exercises, Yoga Asanas and Meditation practices. The batch will start on specific dates of the month includes multi-styles of yoga, modern and traditional both.

Indian traditional yoga consist of Hatha yoga, Asanas yoga, Pranayam Yoga and modern yoga practices include Flow Yoga and Power Yoga. A comprehensive 200 Hours TTC program will be taught by certified yoga instructors in ashram area alongside the Ganges river in Rishikesh. Our training sessions are held in the foothills of Himalayas at Rishikesh where one can find eternal peace and spiritual strength in the lap of Nature. Our classes comprises of micro-baches with 10-15 persons there by rendering personal supervision and guidance to each and every student and preventing possibilities of any kind of distractions that will divert mind during intense yogic as well as Holistic practices. A certificate of completion will be given to Trainees after successful completion of every Training Session.

The yoga sessions will be a balanced combination of poses and a sustained increase awareness of posture to another. Awareness and attention to our breathing are important aspects of the course. Focus is always given to develop excellent knowledge of a dynamic, flowing, deep asana practice, formed with love and intention.

Adaptations are available that will help one to understand and work with the his/her individual limitations.
Classes are energetically balanced, incorporating a good physical workout, poses soothing and deep relaxation.

Each morning session will begin with a meditation to focus and pranayam, followed by a strong physical practice to activate the mind and body for the day ahead. The practice of the afternoon will explore Asanas further. Each session ends with deep relaxation and guided meditation, all to calm, rejuvenate and heal the body, mind and spirit. RYT(200) aims to equipped you with vigorous & intensive teaching techniques which will help one to be an accomplished and qualified yoga practitioner & teacher.

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Author: arpityogaindia

Arpit Yoga is a residential yoga academy that is spreading boundless knowledge of ancient yogic science to all corners of the globe. This yogic academy is based in the "Yoga Capital"- Rishikesh. The Yoga Teacher Training in India program offered by Arpit yoga is classified in two groups- 200 hrs Yoga teacher training and 300 hrs yoga teacher training. During these training programs students are introduced to the nature and are inspired to meditate, think positively and initially make simple but current yoga postures. Through yoga teacher training you can know the other features of yoga and through this you can realize the wider outlook of yoga exercises The courses offered by Arpit yoga academy are designed in such a manner that students can learn, relax and enjoy the new transformations, taking place within their mind, body and soul.

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